Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice & a White Party

Happy Summer Solstice!  It's the longest day of the year and the start to warmer days we've been looking forward to for months!

To kick off the summer and to celebrate our good friend Justina’s birthday, we hosted an intimate rooftop White Party.  Everyone showed up in their best white linens (even the babies!) and we chowed down on some delicious Goat Hill Pizza

Font & Flour made an appearance with some new desserts for the birthday girl’s sweet tooth.  Fresh berries brought a pop of color to the white canvas of the evening.  And what's a White party without some awesome White Peach Sangria - (check out this simple but oh-so-tasty recipe).  It was a blast!  We can’t wait to host our next summer party. 

Big THANKS to our friend Howard for capturing such great photos of the night!  Stay tuned for more Font & Flour appearances this summer...we're just getting started!


  1. Wow!! these fruit tarts with the amazing berries look so delicious!!!

  2. Truly magnificent white party. I am just in love with everything in this fun summer party. I just love hosting such fun parties for my family and friends. At some local Los Angeles venues I recently threw a gorgeous pre-Christmas party in the last week which just turned out to be extremely enjoyable.